training & SUPPORT

We train your staff on the use of the new system, and provide ongoing support to ensure your future success, via a direct link from your new system.

Food Insecurity

Track your food rescues and distributions, including food categories, quantity, value, expiration dates, and recipients.

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Track prospective, current and former students and their parents. Manage tuition discounts, payments, and signed releases to ensure your students are successful.

What makes us different?
We work extensively with each client to understand your unique needs and develop a plan to address those needs. We then develop a prototype which clients get hands-on use of, providing effective feedback which we use to make adjustments if needed. We work with the client to export historical data, scrub that data, and import it into the new system. And we wrap it all up with personalized hands-on training and ongoing support to ensure your success.
We're not finished until you are 100% satisfied.
DATA Import

We  work with you to export data from your existing systems, scrub your data, then load all your historical data into the new system so nothing is lost.

Social Services

Whether you're running a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or other service, track your constituents to identify support opportunities and ensure you're meeting their needs.

Our staff are experts at identifying your needs and customizing Salesforce to meet those needs. You may even qualify for free licenses from Salesforce!

​​​Donors & Volunteers

We help you keep closer tabs on your donors and volunteers, including tracking each donation with the donor record, and can help you take payments and donations on-line securely.

Client Management

We develop systems to help you track your clients more effectively, including notes for each interaction, next steps, and scheduled follow-ups.

WE CAN help YOU: 

Manage Donors & Volunteers.

Track Client Data.