​​Ken Tallman established 6512 Consulting to provide business consulting for nonprofits leveraging the Salesforce.com cloud computing platform. He has worked in a wide range of industries for companies in Silicon Valley and all over the west. He is very active in the local nonprofit community and is a former president of the board for The Liberty School. He has a computer science degree and is a certified Salesforce Administrator. He resides in Durango, Colorado (elevation 6512').

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Ken TallmanFounder

Ken Tallman caught the corporate philanthropy bug while working at Salesforce.com. Salesforce's 1-1-1 program (where they donate 1% of their employee time, 1% of their product, and 1% of their equity) showed true innovation and has been the model for many companies that followed. Ken introduced that model to Mercury Payment Systems (now WorldPay) and it became the foundation for the MercuryGives program which Ken ran for a number of years. He created a grant application and tracking program in Salesforce to manage details of the MercuryGives program. Ken has also donated hundreds of volunteer hours helping nonprofits deploy Salesforce to track their donors, volunteers, clients and key business metrics.